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The Day After Thanksgiving

Okay, you’ve loosened your belt after thanksgiving dinner, you’ve enough football on television to start your own team and most of the in-laws have left town! Now What? I offered this suggestion a couple of years ago and several people … Continue reading

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Class of 61

For those who will be attending the reunion of the Class Of ’61 this summer I hope you have a great time.  I am sure you will be able to share countless memories with classmates and amaze your spouse or … Continue reading

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Put The Boat To Bed

In case you didn’t take notes or print my blog on preparing your boat for winter….here it is again. It is important you know! Thanks to our good friends at Minnesota’s Crestliner boat company, we have some excellent advice on … Continue reading

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Prison vs. Nursing Homes

 I recently was sent the story I have posted below.   It is scary how much reality is imbedded in this tounge in cheek story.  Here’s the way it should be: Let’s put the seniors in jail and the criminals in … Continue reading

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Memories of 1955

Growing up in Lisbon, North Dakota in an era of "duck tail haircuts and poodle skirts" things were a lot easier.  And, things were definately a LOT cheaper.  I wonder how many of you remember comments our parents made to … Continue reading

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Lisbon North Dakota’s 1955 Hockey Program

Lisbon’s 1955 Hockey Program Winter can be long in the Sheyenne Valley of southeastern North Dakota. And with the length of the season came mountains of snow and weeks of biting cold. No “revelations” so far. This type of weather, … Continue reading

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Minnesota’s Split Rock Lighthouse Turns 100

Many times when people hear or think of the North Shore of Lake Superior their minds quickly recall the eerie lyrics of the song of the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald. Many ships have fallen victim to vicious "Nor-easters’" on the … Continue reading

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Where Has Mainstreet Gone?

This is a bit of memory jogging for this post. My memory of Lisbon, North Dakota’s mainstreet as it was in its’ prime, not as it is in its’ apparent state of decay. I grew up on the east side of … Continue reading

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You Gotta Know Where To Find ‘Em!

Back in 1949 the Sheyeen River below the dam in Lisbon looked intirely different that it does today. First of all the water level, except for the spring runoff each year, was much lower that it is today.  The lower … Continue reading

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the North Bridge

If It Doesn’t Kill You, It Makes You Stronger! But it still might hurt a bit. The Sheyenne River that meanders through Lisbon was the source of untold adventures for me and my best friends as we stumbled through our … Continue reading

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