That Postage and Handling “Thing”.

We have all seen the deluge of infomercials and “gotta have” tv commercials.  but, have you really paid any attention to the tag lines for these commercials.

Inevitably after we have been mezmerised by this revolutionary device that will do everything short of the final duty we perform in the bathroom, we come to the product sales pitch, which, as we all have come to know is phenominally underpriced even though  it is capable of incredible feats of magic around the house or in the garage.

I’m trying to keep my tounge in my cheek right now but I’m used to writing with my tounge holding my upper lip stationary!  I have a tendancy to move my lips when writing or reading.

Now we question ourselves….How can this company hope to make even a dollar selling these devices at these unheard-of low prices.  These blessed companies must be sent by a guardian angel to watch over all of us consumers…because, as they demonstrate to us in their advertising, they certainly are making these fabulous products available to us at a huge financial LOSS and it’s not even Christmas!

But, there’s more…I hpe you’re sitting down for this next revelation!   If you act “right away”, in some cases in the next 30 minutes, there is an additional bonus for your promptness.  Your efficiency and dexterity in speed dialing in your order immediatly will be rewarded with another of these devices FREE…(just pay seperate processing or handling). 


OK, my tounge fell out of my cheek and I bit it !

Any light bulbs turning on yet?

First of all most of these “gotta have” commercials “do not” post the proccessing and handling figure in the commercials.  The few that do tell a great story.  If the product is selling for $19.99 ( and just about ALL of them do )  the processing and handling charge is nearly as much as half the original price.

Cmon’…I know there’s gotta be a least ONE light bulb illuminating by now.

Okay okay, let’s say the light switch in your head is still in the OFF position.   Try this experiment the next time you are tempted to answer one of these “gotta have” pitches.  Pick up you phone and call the number on the screen.  But, before you buy, ask the price of processing and handling.  Next write down the original cost of the first item….let’s say $19.95 plus processing and handling…say  $9.95 and the processing and the handling ONLY price for the second item…also $9.95.  I’m not a mathematician butI  believe that comes out to $39.85.

There it is!  I think I saw some light bulbs begining to flicker.

WOW, what a bargain.

And the guarantee on most of these projects probably would not be worth the trouble and expense of shipping it back to the manufacturer.

I feel most of these types of commercials should come under the “NEARLY Truth In Advertising category”!

I just had to say this…now I think I will be able to sleep again!

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Born on the Midwest Plains...and live the same way. Enjoyed a small town upbringing and a big city career. Value small town ethics and the big city opportunity. Write from the heart while wearing a smile. and enjoy all that's around me
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One Response to That Postage and Handling “Thing”.

  1. Schurkey says:

    The only reason that scam continues is because the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) aren’t doing their jobs.

    Federal agencies charged with protecting the public are instead so corrupt that they actively assist corporations in their goal of cheating the public, or at best ignore the problem.

    State agencies aren’t any better.

    The carrier–the television, radio, newspaper, etc. that accept these ads, knowing that the true price is never revealed, should also face punishment.

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