The View From The Edge of Fargo

I have decided to take my “View From The Edge” to other locales from time to time.

This time I’m on the edge of Fargo, North Dakota.

My wife and I had a long weekend in Fargo visiting family and friends and revisiting some of my old stomping grounds.  Okay, I never really “stomped” but I did tread a lot of ground, mostly in Lisbon, North Dakota.

In Fargo I visited some longtime media friends and sipped coffee with a couple of them while we impressed each other with tales of accomplishments and feats of amazement.  Okay…I was doing that.  And yes, I had to embelish my stories a bit, but…they’re MY stories!

A wonderful feature writer for the Fargo Forum, Bob Lind, was kind enough to join me for coffee and apple pie at the Holiday Inn near the West Acres shopping center.   I think I can speak for Bob when I say we BOTH went silent as we devoured that warm delicious apple pie served in seperate baking dishes.  We wanted to talk, but we found it more important to shut up and eat!

AFTER the pie was injested and the serving bowls scraped and licked we had a wonderful visit.  At lease I know I did.   Bob is one of those writers that flawlessly takes conversations and turns them into amazing tales of lifes adventures and memories.  If you haven’t had an opportunity to enjoy Bob’s writings in the Fargo Forum…shame on you.  I will forgive you if you search his name in the Forum’s files and catch up.  You may find his articles will leave you smiling and nodding you head in agreement.

I also “coffeed-down” in a neat little candy shop/coffee emporium near West Acres with Doug Leier.  Doug is a North Dakota DNR officer and hosts an outdoor program on KFGO Radio on Saturday afternoons.  I am proud to say this icon of the North Dakota outdoors has invited me to participate in his program by providing a Minnesota fishing segment.  Doug makes me feel welcome on his program and tells me I am an asset to the show.  At least I have interrpreted what he has told me as “assett”… he might have said something else.

I spent a Saturday morning in Lisbon where I visited with the owner of the Ransom County Gazette Newspaper and engulfed a magnificent turkey wrap sandwich at Ho’-den-aht-‘EES…a gift store, coffee shop, antique emporium and the only food shop on mainstreet in Lisbon that will let me in the door.  I also encountered several Lisbonites whom I had met on prior visits who indicated it was nice to see me back in town.  I informed them the statute of limitations had run out and I was free to come back from time to time as long as I didn’t make a habit out of it.  I told some Norwegian jokes…we laughed and I drove away from Lisbon smiling in the memories of my visit.

There, you see!  It is kind of nice to check out the View From The Edge Of…other places too.

Little Joe

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Born on the Midwest Plains...and live the same way. Enjoyed a small town upbringing and a big city career. Value small town ethics and the big city opportunity. Write from the heart while wearing a smile. and enjoy all that's around me
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