America’s Job Problem Solved by Americans

I have been watching most of the republican debates on television. 

They make me cry…then laugh…then cry again.

It is quite obvious the wealthy candidates (they all are) on stage look upon most of the American citizenry as lesser people, BUT, they are running for election so they have to put up with the non-rich until they get their votes and their jobs of power…they don’t need the measley salaries (compared to their own methods of income) the offices they are running for pay.  A high percentage of house and senate members in congress are millionaires (look it up). So then why would you run for such a low paying position?  I venture to say NOT because they really want to fix America.  I mean America is working out just right for them.  The real answer is….(drum roll here)…Power.  so when you listen to the debates keep in mind a man once said…”politicians and babies need to be changed frequently, and, for the same reason”!

But we’re talking about JOBS and America’s need for more of them.

I would like to site ONE example of how the American Public can help create those jobs.  About every four to six weeks I get a special flier in my Sunday paper from Menard’s ( a big box home center store in the Twin Cities).  This particular flier lists items throughout their store that are “MADE IN AMERICA”!  When consumers buy ” Made In America” products it is like igniting an sparkplug in a gasoline engine.  The purchase of home-(America)-made products means another one of those items needs to be made in an American factory.  If enough of those products are purchased, there is a good chance that factory might have need for more workers. Viola…here-in lies part of our American job-crisis solution.

It doesn’t matter whether you are in an apartment or your own home, we all need home care products and building supplies.  When we buy such items, why not check to see if it is made in America?  If it isn’t, search for a similar product that is and buy that one.  There are millions of people in America making these purchases every day.  Think of what would happen in the job market if we all made sure we took the time to buy only products Made In America!  (Check out a special Made In America segment on ABC television news and see how purchasing American is making a difference.  No, I don’t work for ABC news.)

I wait for this particular flier to arrive at my doorstep every few weeks because, unless some weird emergency erupts in my household, most home center products I use can wait until I get the flier and see if I can find the type of product I need that is made in America.

I don’t work for Menards and I shop several different home center store in Minneapolis/St. Paul area. And…I have become a label reader.  I now always check to see if what I am buying is “Made In America”.

We’re a great country.  We were industry leaders for decades. We can be again…one “Made In America” nail at a time.

p.s.  I have discovered a new AreaVoices blog that makes me think…this is not easy.  If you get a chance, check out “Middle America’s Mouth”. I don’t agree with everything the author writes, but the topics and comments make me think.

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