Class of 61

For those who will be attending the reunion of the

Class Of ’61 this summer I hope you have a great time.  I am sure you will be able to share countless memories with classmates and amaze your spouse or significant other with the stories they will overhear and ask you to explain in detail at a later time.  Don’t worry, they’ll understand.

I also hope you and all the classmates that can gather in Lisbon will also take time to share at least one neat story about your years at LHS…things like ” I firmly believe my sophomore year was the best four years of my education”.   Just kidding !!!!

For my recollection I want to share the fact that the closest I came to a 4.0 was in my senior year at LHS…and it was my blood alcohol content at a sock-hop emceed by Dennis Bratland and myself at the roller-rink in Lisbon’s Park.  Again, I’m kidding!  I’m sure I didn’t event blow a 3.5 on Chief Anderson’s mischief meter.

Really, I would recall and relate my high school years in terms of friends I made and, happily, still have…both in the class of ’61 and the classes that surrounded our class.  Things like bonfires on homecoming night and the “snake-dance” down mainstreet, or about making plans to steal the “Goat” just in case we didn’t beat Enderlin, or maybe about emceeing “Teen Canteen” in the ,then, new National Guard Armory.  Senior “skip days” were also a favorite of mine.  I don’t remember if they were sanctioned by the school or not, but I exercised my perogative and selected a few days to write myself an excuse from classes. 

I would also like to hear from each of you about how and where you are and who you added to your family since 1961.  Maybe a classmate will be able to generate an email list of classmates that can be shared with everyone?  That would be awsome

I am quite sure the high school stories will run fast and furious and the tears of laughter will splash the banquet floor. 

Damn….I’m getting homesick.

I wrote a mainstreet memory about Lisbon some time ago and published it on this blog to keep the memory of that “main-drag” alive.  It was a busy and crowded street ripe with as many memories as there were teenagers idling their dads car up and down Main on a Saturday night or Sunday afternoon.  Some classmates have offered to share photos of “Mainstreet” in Lisbon from our high school years and…should I get the urge…I may include some of them in an updated version.

It’s been a while since I have been able to meet a gaggle of classmates at one time and I’m afraid it will be a while longer.  The last time I remember congregating in the Sheyenne “River Valley” was at one of Lisbon’s major birthday celebrations….I had hair, I weighed less, my feet weren’t flat, my eyes didn’t need help and my back didn’t ache.  For those of you who do not admit to any of these malady’s….”you know what I think you’re FULL OF” !

That said, I am the lesser for not being able to join you all for our 50th reunion.  If you’re able…”tip one for me”.  I will certainly take a moment during that weekend to do the same in a salute to all of you. 

Litle Joe

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Born on the Midwest Plains...and live the same way. Enjoyed a small town upbringing and a big city career. Value small town ethics and the big city opportunity. Write from the heart while wearing a smile. and enjoy all that's around me
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