Fractured Christmas Carols

Christmas is coming upon us quickly.  So, I thought it would be nice to have some holiday fun.   How about some “fractured” Christmas Songs.  i ran this little contest a year ago and the response was great. I give you the clues….you figure out the real song title.

You can comment on this blog  to see if you have figured out the right answers…but please wait to post your answers until “AFTER” Christmas. No cheating…

No Peeking…

“Fractured” Christmas Song Titles

1. Albino Festival _____________________________________________
2. Us Triplet Rulers ___________________________________________
3. K.O. The Corridors _________________________________________
4. Zero Holiday Conifer ________________________________________
5. Iced Heroin Dealer __________________________________________
6. Seasonal Eden ______________________________________________
7. Catchy Alarms _____________________________________________
8. Valentino is a Rosy-Snoozed Ruminant _________________________
9. Zero-Decibel Darkness ______________________________________
10. Wee Tom Tom Tot __________________________________________
11. A miniscule Metropolis of Steel _______________________________
12. Flashy Southerners _________________________________________
13. Hey-man the Tribune Fairies Harmonize ________________________
14. Lord Pause You Frivolous Officers _____________________________
15. abcdefghijkmnopqrstuvwxyz abcdefghijkmnopqrstuvwxyz ________
16. I eyeballed the old lady smoochin fuzz face ______________________
17. What I really need at the end
Of the year is a new set of dentures _____________________________
18. Detergent in the Galaxy _______________________________________
19. Trunk Legumes Cooking on the Coleman ________________________
20. Jelly Belly’s making the Metropolis _____________________________
21. The arrival was at the stroke of 12 naturally ______________________
22. Jovial elderly sinless fat-man ___________________________________
23. Troika Tour _________________________________________________
24. Things initiating the resemblance of a festival _____________________
25. Bridging the gap and tunneling the trees _________________________
26. Are we both getting the same vibes ______________________________
27. Kling klang stone _____________________________________________
28. A Holiday Girl _______________________________________________

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