I am in my recliner writing this piece.  The other night I had my life flash before my eyes, so I’m a bit weak today.   No…it wasn’t an accident or bodily system malfunction.  It was something I witnessed.  And, what I witnessed involved some personal dejavu.

Give me a second to catch my breath.

Okay, I’m ready.  Are you sitting down?  Good!

What I’m about to relate to you applies to anyone who IS married, WAS married or is PLANNING on getting married.

My wife, Jolaine, and I just visited the Chanhassen Dinner Theater to see the much acclaimed play “ I Do, I Do”.  It’s about a young couple who decide to marry.  They’re happy…giggly happy. So, they do the deed, they tie the knot.  Dejavu!  My wife and I did this decades ago and I still remember how I felt…”wonderful”.  We skipped along together holding hands and barely able to keep from giggling out loud.

A few years went by and we went “giddy” again when we learned we were about to have a baby. Well, really my wife was going to have the baby…I was just going to support it after it got here.  You know what I’m saying.  

Well, as it turns out…Michael and Agnes the two characters in the play, I Do I Do, at the Chanhassen go through these same life changing phenomenon’s .

So, during the next two hours of the play my wife and I watched intently…occasionally turning our heads to look at each other as another moment of dejavu crept into our minds…as fifty years of marriage was re-enacted by the couple on stage.

It was like the actors had been peeking through the windows of my wife and my houses as we celebrated anniversaries, welcomed new family members, bickered over bills, up to and including now when we sometimes just sit quietly enjoying a glass of wine ( I usually opt for scotch ) and look into each others’ eyes and  ponder our lives path to today. 

Mostly our matrimonial path has been smooth and rewarding.  At times there was a bump on the “highway of happiness”…in fact, on rare occasion, our matrimonial “buggy” suffered a FLAT!  Luckily we were able to “patch” the tire and move along.

Okay I’m not going to carry on much longer.  I just want you to know that the Chanhassen production of I Do I Do is something you need to see.  

If you aren’t married yet but think you might be in the future…bring a pen and paper and take notes.  If you are married…bring a pen and paper and a tissue because you will need it to wipe the tears from your eyes as soon as you stop laughing.

And, if you are like my wife and I…married for a few decades…you won’t need a pen and paper (tissue, YES).  However you might need some muscle ointment to sooth your aching neck once the play is over.  The “aches” will be from turning to each other, frequently, and nodding “yes” as the couple on stage goes through another matrimonial experience that you and your wife vividly recall happening during your marriage.

I’m quite certain that checking out “I Do I Do” at the Chanhassen dinner theater in suburban Minneapolis will be one of the best decisions you will make this year.  I know because…”I Did I Did”.

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Born on the Midwest Plains...and live the same way. Enjoyed a small town upbringing and a big city career. Value small town ethics and the big city opportunity. Write from the heart while wearing a smile. and enjoy all that's around me
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