Let’s Do The Twist


Not since Chubby Checker has anyone “moved” like you will when you visit Spirit Mountain in Duluth.

No…the “spritit” is not likely to “move” you, but the Timber Twister certainly will!

Life is a roller-coaster at Spirit Mountain… and that’s a good thing!

Spirit Mountain Recreation Area has just opened the “Timber Twister”, Duluth’s newest and most thrilling attraction. “Timber Twister” is a year-round alpine coaster and will be the only one in the Midwest. There are only four others currently in operation in the U.S. making this a very distinctive attraction.

The Grand Opening Celebration took place on Thursday, July 1st, but I am still working up the courage to take my first “plunge”.

The cart was designed by Duluth 4th grader, Ali Kruger (hey, 4th graders don’t know fear yet…wait till Ali gets to be my age, which is a little bit more than a 4th grader. Then, we’ll see who is king of Spirit Mountain.

According to Spirit Mountain’s Marketing Director, Briana Johnson, “Excitement is high at Spirit Mountain as they continue putting the finishing touches on things and completing all the training. Our team here is very proud of what we’ve built and can’t wait to share it with everyone!”

Okay…buckle in, I’m going to tell you what you will experience on this almost “free fall” down Spirit Mountain.

Those riding “Timber Twister” will race along a 3,200 foot track, through the forest, and down the mountain in individual (this means YOU are all ALONE with your personal demons on the coaster cars. Riders can travel alone or in pairs (okay, you can bring a buddy…if you need to, and have complete control of their speed (up to 26 mph) for a truly unique, hands-on experience. Unlike an alpine slide, the coaster makes hairpin turns, is elevated off the ground like a roller coaster, and operates year-round due to its unique track system. With a few weather exceptions, riders will enjoy this one-of-a-kind sensation throughout the year. At the end of the ride down the mountain, guests will settle back in their cars for a comfortable and scenic return trip to the top. The complete “Timber Twister” experience will take riders on a thrilling six-minute journey while overlooking the wondrous views of Lake Superior.


A quick note here: you might want to bring a roll of duct tape with you to tape your eyelids in place before you head down the mountain. Otherwise you may have to peel them off your forehead.

I’m just sayin’!

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